Idées d’organisation créatives et peu coûteuses

Rangement pour garde-manger – porte-revues

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Garden; a sealed (closed) spatial unit, the latin “hortus conclusus”, is just a place that’s distinctive from works of art and desires when it comes to arrangement and maintenance and maintenance, and nearly all of it has organic character.

Park and garden are two words that may possibly not be strictly delineated, but can be interpreted in among the other.

Now I want to remember: this memory belongs to my assistant period. In 1952, my teacher visited London for annually , and during the period I was alone, I’d the capability to think and write on the podium. Our famous literature and veterinary professor of those years Prof.Dr. Selahattin Batu of these years in Turkey has much to respect in the appendices of the weekly Ulus “column in your home garden”” and I started writing in his weekly adds. Certainly among my preliminary writings was entitled “Our knowledge of gardening”” and I was speaking frankly of | Talk | Talk | Talk | Talk} the Eastern philosophy behind our view of the garden, and I was speaking frankly of talking about the discussion about speaking about the requirement for an organization that basically must be managed according to a complete new one, especially within our residential neighborhoods by not following old patterns. By the end of the writing, I noticed that we evaluated the most popular useful free spaces and even mentioned when the garden had sufficient width, a minumum of one corner of it could have exceptional units such as for example as an example “oriental and Turkish garden “.To have this information, I did not forget to offer a phrase from the famous French traveler “Louis Massignon” , which I borrowed from his writings of Eastern civilization and art. :

First thing a person’s eye grabs here
This is the rejection and denial of the material world of nature even as we see in our environment.
Unlike these landscaped gardens, it’s this sort of nature so it leads us to unity, originally nearly all of our ideas.It is really literally pay attention to this specific thought in itself; otherwise, it is unlikely to gradually dominate and nature as in classical gardens.

Now, while expressing these opinions, I can not move away from touching from yesteryear in Ankara percent a century ago, these attracted our attention. He’d for 15 to 20 years that he heard that Jansen’s zoning plan was no longer capable and speculation on the plots had caught up with other troubles brought about by the war years. Neither the regions of the Jansen plan that seemed to be very successful were studied nor the development of the building was controllable.The rent economy, which emerged by the dirt road, has revealed to our eyes so just how vague urbanization problems can be. As is famous, written works on this topic. Among these problems we were faced in case of a problem so it might possible keep our residential areas with gardens. But when I want to mention again what I wrote in the column “garden of your house”, I wish that the important thing the purpose of these articles is not just to enlighten our collaborators on whom they do not know before, but additionally our duty to create our academic knowledge and experience to the public. In reality, I informed my readers that I can give answers to my readers in the development of the garden concept. I still remember this service ‘s been around for some years and that I’m beneficial.

Now I would like to mention the titles of my article with this particular topic these

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